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Commonly Asked Questions About Sentry:

Who uses Sentry Internet data and why?

  1. Consumers - Use this data to find information on the water system supplying drinking water to your home. You can also check the system's water testing results to see what's in your drinking water. College students may use water quality and chemical data in research studies.

  2. Consultants - Review or download the most recent Water Facility Inventory (WFI) for a water system(s), review water quality data to produce the annual Consumer Confidence Report.

  3. Lending Institutions/Realtors - Review information for Pre-Adequacy Reports. This may include the capacity of a water system for new hookups, water quality data, and whether or not the system is approved.

  4. Local Health Jurisdictions - Review most recent WFI for your county. Review information for pre-adequacy reports. Get most recent contact information for water systems--addresses, phone numbers. Review Sanitary Survey information.

  5. Utilities - Get contact information to notify owners/operators of water systems before constructing or excavating in the area.

  6. Water System Owners and Operators - Review or download your most recent WFI for updating. Use data to produce your annual Consumer Confidence Report. Verify that your system's water quality data has been entered into our database.

  7. Two ways to get data Access Sentry Internet  to get your data.

  8. See quick start instructions for accessing Sentry Internet and getting downloads and reports. 

  9. Important: Before accessing Sentry Internet make sure Pop-Up Blockers are disabled on your computer toolbars. View instructions for disabling pop-up blockers (PDF).

Lead Education

The Washington State Department of Health requires public water systems to:

  • Collect samples from residential customers.

  • Treat the water when more than 10 percent of samples exceed the action level (0.015 parts per million).

  • Provide annual public education to all consumers when the water system exceeds the action level for lead.

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